Round double lens with detachable led lighted magnifier

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Illuminated magnifying glass with detachable round double lens led lighted magnifier


This distortion-free lighted magnifier has a powerful 3.6X  lens . Perfect for books, maps crafts and wherever lighted magnification is needed. The lens measures 73mm  in diameter and 9 long. Has a durable lens that is unbreakable and scratch resistant. Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).


Illuminates by using 2 bright white LED Lights with an easy on/off switch. Optically perfect lens with a 3.6x magnifier lens.  Requires 2 AAA Batteries (not included). Works great for books, maps, crafts, etc.

* 3.6x power lens
* 2 white LED lights
* Easy on/off switch
* Shipping Weight: 1.1lbs



Product Features

* 73mm dia. LED Lighted Magnifier 
* 2 bright white LED lights 
* Easy on/off switch 
* Optically perfect lens with 2.5x magnifier lens and a 4x bifocal lens 
* Perfect for books, maps, crafts, etc.

1) A hand held LED's magnifier with stand, which can protect lens.
3) Color: Silver or black can be selected. 





¤ Home /Office /School /Library 
¤ Coin /Stamp Collectors 
¤ Scientists /Lab Technicians
¤ Architects, Draftsman
¤ Reading /Hobbyists
¤ Artist, Photographers

¤ Check paper quality on security documents

¤ For mini circuit checking and repairing

¤ Gifts for family, friends and business brand promotion

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  • Minimum Order:1 Piece(s)


  • Round double lens with detachable led lighted magnifier

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