《Magpro》Portable led optical lens magnifier desk lamp

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Portable led optical lens magnifier desk lamp

Product Description

1/ This LED acrylic dome magnifier offer optical clarity by gathering light.

2/ When placed on a flat surface the magnifier glides effortlessly across and offers perfect focus.

3/ Perfect for reading small print, newspaper, telephone directories, maps, charts etc.
4/ Ideal and popular products to act as giveaway items for promotional purposes, eg aid 
promotional gifts, gifts for old people and so on.




1/ Dome magnifier enhances image clarity by focusing light on reading material, autofocus.

2/ Dome magnifier Durable, easy to sue low vision adi reduces eyestrain.

3/ Acrylic lens magnifying Dome provides distortion free magnification and has a calculated light guidance that directs all possible illumination onto the object.

4/ Dome magnifier porvides a brighter field of view without  an additional light source. Easy to use. No focusing, simply lay the dome magnifier on topthe the item being read and enjoy clearer, easier reading.

5/ Dome magnifier Ideal for reading maps, lables, phone books,etc. as well as for hobbies such coin and stamp collecting.

6/ Lens diameter: 61x35mm 



¤ Home /Office /School /Library 
¤ Coin /Stamp Collectors 
¤ Scientists /Lab Technicians
¤ Architects, Draftsman
¤ Reading /Hobbyists
¤ Artist, Photographers

¤ Check paper quality on security documents

¤ For mini circuit checking and repairing

¤ Gifts for family, friends and business brand promotion

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